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Brief History Of Annai J.k.K.Sampoorani Ammal Charitable Trust And Managing Trustee Shri J.K.K.Munirajahh

Dr. J.K.K.Munirajahh, a leading Industrialist of Komarpalayam town, Namakkal Dt, Tamilnadu, India is the Chairman and Managing Trustee of Annai J.K.K.Sampoorani Ammal Charitable Trust. He had his Post Graduate Studies in "Textile Management" renouned Bolton Institute of Technology, Bolton, United Kingtom. He is the Managing Director of Two Textile Spinning Mills, one at Komarapalayam, and another at Tiruchengode. He has forty years of experience in administering Industrial establishments.

He founded Annai J.K.K.Sampoorani Ammal Charitable Trust in memory of his beloved Mother in 1971 for the purpose of providing health care and Education to the public at large.He founded under the auspices of the trust,a hundred bedded hospital and also Paramedical Institutions offering courses both degree and diploma in faculties of nursing pharmacy and physiotherapy at Komarapalayam Namakal Dt,Tamilnadu,India.Besides a polytechnic and I.T.I were also established at T.N.Palayam,Gobi Taluk,Erode Dt,Tamilnadu,India in Vast area of nearly 200 acres of land.Schemes like Community Polytechnic,TRYSEM,NORAD etc of both Central and State Government are being Implemented by Trust.

A School for the Blind Deaf and Dumb and Physically Handicapped run at Komarapalayam,Namakkal Dt,Tamilnadu,India.for the Past twenty years.Accomadation,Food, and Cloth are provided with free of cost for nearly two hundred Handicapped children.Free Eye camps,Ent camps,General Health camps are regularly conducted under the banner of the trust in association with local body authorities and Non Government agencies.

For the meritorious and noble services rendered in ythe fields of Education,Social Welfare and handicapped Welfare,Dr. J.K.KMunirajahh has been awarded California Golden State Award in 1972.

In public recognitionof thier outstanding perfomance as employer of persons with disabilities,Dr.JKK Munirajahh and Annai JKK Sampoorani Ammal Charitable Trust has been awarded the concted National Award by His Excellency the president of india,Dr.Giani Zail Singh in the year 1987 and by his Excellency the Pesident of india Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam in the year 2004.He has also won State Award in the years 1991,199,1998.He also been conferred with a Cultural Doctrate in Humanities by World univeresity Round Table,benson,Arizona,U.S.A for the Services rendered by him to the society at large.

In the year 2005,The Trust has established Annai JKK Sampoorani Ammal Rehabilitation Center for the physically handicapped at Komarapalayam,Namakka Dt,Tamilnadu,India in Colloboration with an American Unit,INDIA TRIMMING PVT.LTD.,Which is a 100% export oriented unit.This center provides boarding and lodging and work with wages to the much needed Physically Handicapped persons.

All academic activities of the colleges,Schools and hospitals are managed by the respective heads of the institutions,Where as the adminstrative side is looked after by the Trust.


Our trust is running one splint unit in the campus itself.The trust provides crutches, calipers, walkers(prosthetists), artifical limbs, surgical boots, MCG Chapels, LS belts, Surgical Color, Tailor braces, abdomen belts and culf foot shoes to the disabled persons. In coordination help of corporate Hospitals the Trust arranges corrective surgeries to the physically handicapped free of cost.

Annai J.K.K.Sampoorani Ammal Charitable Trust is unique developing country Institution with a Global vision and local focus.The genesis of the Trust`s activities include social welfare of the down trodden,implements of employment oriented nonformal education through Community Schemes,up keep and education of physically impaired and blind children,medicare,running educational Institutions and service to the poor etc.

The enclosed profile and the Broucher of Annai J.K.K.Sampoorani Ammal Charitable Trust clearly throws light on the multi faceted and multi dimensional activities of the Trust.

Of all the Institutions run by the Trust,the board of Trustee consider

  1. Nehru Memorial Sampoorani Ammal Higer Secondary School for Orthopaedic
  2. Annai J.K.K.Sampoorani Ammal High School for Blind
  3. J.K.K.Munirajahh school for Deaf and Dumb

as most valuable and Cherished Institutions.

The Maintanence and recurring expenditure for the above three Institutions come to about 2000 US$ per month(Rupees one Hundred Thousand per month),a whopping amount of money in india standards which is an amount that any organisation will not be able bear by itself.Donations by the philanthropists will be gratefully received and aknowledged.

Besides ,the Trust has ambitious plans to provide State of Art facilities to these poor physically impaired and blind children by constructing modern class rooms with special educational equipments,modern hostel facilities etc.for these Trust requires large amount of money. The Trust appeals for munificent and benevolent contributions and donations for these special educational Institutions.

Donations to be sent through Demand draft in the name of